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Security Advice

Burglary, on the whole, is an opportunist crime. A building that presents itself as unoccupied and insecure is far more likely to be targeted than one which is properly secured. As the number of burglaries tends to increase in the spring and summer months, Armour Locksmiths & Burglary Prevention Specialists would like to remind you of our

Top 10 Tips to prevent you being a victim of burglary:

1/ Always secure windows and doors when you go out and lock up when you go to bed- don’t’ forget to close downstairs windows at night even when the weather is hot.

2/ Do not leave windows open that are situated by a drainpipe or flat roof where access could be gained to your home.

3/ ‘Wheelie Bins’ - do not leave them in a position where a burglar could use them as a leg up and gain entry to your home.

4/ Make sure any tools, ladders or garden equipment are securely locked away to prevent a potential burglar using them to gain access to your home.

5/ Trim hedges and secure side access to your premises.

6/ Never leave spare keys hidden under a flower pot or your house and car keys where a burglar will find them - Burglars know all the hiding places we use.

7/ Never keep large sums of money in your home, unless locked in a safe, and remember to keep purses, handbags and valuables out of sight and away from the windows and doors.

8/ If you are going away from home:

* Cancel the milk and newspaper deliveries.
* Install timers to your lights and radio.
* Encourage a neighbour to park their car in your driveway.
* Set your burglar alarm. It may well deter the opportunist thief.

9/ Make sure all locks are British Standard Approved (display the B.S. Kitemark) and are in good working order.

10/ Use a wide angle door viewer/spy hole and heavy-duty door chain, ensure you recognise the caller before you open the door. Unless they have made an appointment with you and have a valid I.D. (which they should be willing to pass through the letterbox for you to inspect) , refuse them entry.


Security Advice

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